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How can we help others without losing ourselves? What is the antidote to burnout? In her book Show Up Hard: A Road Map for Helpers in Crisis, Shannon Weber brings stories, lessons, and tools from 25 years of social entrepreneurship to help leaders get unstuck and engage without losing themselves.

How might a new way of engaging help you contribute to feelings of empowerment and belonging at work? How might this framework support empathetic stewardship of others?

Lots of things have been written and said about the importance of empathy and resilience in life in general. But in today’s business environment, where multiple generations work together, it’s more important than ever to know how to relate and engage in an effective way. Shannon Weber is a master at this!

Shannon is one of 14 children and all her work and life can be described with one word: LOVE. As an incredibly accomplished social worker (among other things and accolades, she used to run the crisis hotline in Houston, staffed by volunteers, and receiving 65,000 calls/year), she knows how important the role of love, empathy and resilience becomes in all our interactions, personal and professional, and not just in times of crisis.

She will share insightful ideas from her book Show Up Hard: A Road Map for Helpers in Crisis. She will teach you how to go on “empathy adventures” and how to create multiple “containers” to be able to support others while setting boundaries to ensure you are well and taking care of yourself (as opposed to being totally drained and burned out, as happens most times). She will show you how to view yourself as leader and an agent of change.

Shannon is a leader herself who has decided to change the world, starting right where she is, one love note at a time. She is the founder of where she has started a movement to spread love around the world. Here’s a mini-documentary about her project (2:43 min long) and her TEDx Talk where she talks about how it started and the enormous impact it has had. Also, Seth Godin, renowned author and marketing guru, mentioned another one of Shannon’s projects—giving capes to unsung heroes—in his famous blog asking, “What kind of impact does one act of kindness make? It can last for years.”

She believes you can thrive at the intersection of empathy and resilience. Shannon leads efforts to end HIV by day and hangs anonymous love notes in public spaces with her three teenagers by night. She is a serial social entrepreneur, having launched several HIV-informed sexual and reproductive health initiatives that have served thousands locally and impacted tens of thousands around the globe. Shannon has a Master's of Social Work from Tulane University, New Orleans, received the 2018 UCSF Chancellor's Award for Public Service, and has taught on stages from Durban to Hong Kong. 

Learn more about Shannon and her many projects here, and specifically about empathy, resilience and her book here:  

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