Helping people doing work that matters to avoid burnout

Shannon Weber, MSW combines her 25 years of social entrepreneurship to help all us show up with empathy and not lose ourselves in the process. She has launched multiple initiatives and led teams to impact tens of thousands around the globe. She works with both leaders and organizations through in-person and web-based training to operationalize the principles from Show Up Hard. 


Her services for organizations and groups include:

Plenary talks

Breakout workshops

Team training

Customized online courses

One-on-one leadership coaching



“Shannon’s Show Up Hard framework has transformed how I interact with my family, friends, and co-workers on a daily basis. Her concepts help me navigate complex human interactions and intentionally design how I show up as a Compassionate Witness. 

She’s taught me the value of setting necessary boundaries so that I can fully support others in a sustainable way. Because of Shannon’s work, I’m more effective, resilient, and openhearted as a leader and, more importantly, as a human being.”

— Ian Scott, Director of Product Strategy, Start With Why

“Shannon’s training hit me like a bolt of lightning. She helped me see how creating safe spaces for others, and clear boundaries, didn’t diminish my caring or generosity. Instead, it allowed it to bloom and flourish. It was a huge revelation.”

— Mark Dyck, Chief Community Advocate, The Right Company

“Life’s unexpected twists and turns never miss an address. Dealing with difficult conversations and circumstances can make or break the best projects or intentions. And the best leaders know that having the tools to navigate and support their teams through tough situations is one of the powerful ways that they can be of service to those that they lead and the work they do.

Shannon’s incredible framework from this book has become a fundamental pillar in the way we approach our work at Seth Godin’s altMBA. She transformed the way that we’ve been able to engage with people, build relationships, scale our company, and troubleshoot even the most challenging problems. 

Her approach is simple, yet brilliant—a life skill, one that belongs in the tool kit of any leader looking to make a difference in the lives of others.”

— Kelli Wood, Provost, Seth Godin’s altMBA