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This book is for you - the ones with the courage to Show Up Hard.


On the eve of the Show Up Hard book launch, my son made this excellent book reveal video.

Let's meet at the intersection of empathy & resilience.

Exciting first week of the Show Up hard book launch—here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Answering questions from recent presentations about my book Show Up Hard: A Road Map For Helpers In Crisis. What is an Empathy Adventure? Learn about why empathy is needed, how you can build empathy, and about using the Empathy Adventures Passport as a way to expand your empathy muscle.
Find yourself stuck? In a familiar loop de loop at the bottom of a dead-end street? If you can feel it and name it, you can change it. The narrative is yours. Own it. For more on empathy &

How do you create a container? Why create one? And what do you do once the creating is done? Tips on your #1 Show Up Hard strategy for not burning out: creating a container.

Shannon Weber is a San Francisco based ephemeral artist on a mission to change the world one love note at a time. She creates public displays of affection: painted love notes covertly hung on fences and live love note writing events.

How do you reset when work or situations are taking a toll? What does your resiliency landscape look like in practice? What spacial and temporal reminders support your resiliency investments? The #showuphard practice lived out loud.